People come to All Souls seeking connection, meaning, and shared purpose.  We hope you find these with us.  We are diverse in faith and spirituality, committed to building a diverse, welcoming, multicultural Beloved Community, and a joyous, justice-seeking people who express our compassion in tangible ways. – Rev. Anastassia Zinke, Minister  

Upcoming Worship

January 20: “You know you’re white, right?: A History of the Construction of ‘White’ Identity” Join us for the first of three sermons in our “White and Woke” sermon series. For more information on the series and learning opportunities, click here. As a way to naturalize racism, few people are taught about the historical construction of racial identities, and of white identity in particular.  Unpacking this history allows us to see the artiface of racial categorization and also the pernicious power and social imbalance it creates and perpetuates. If knowledge is power, then having this knowledge can empower us to imagine other ways to claim identity.

“White and Woke” Learning Opportunities

Our “White and Woke” worship series will focus on whiteness and how we can become and stay “woke” (awake and aware of injustices, including racial injustice). To complement and grow on this, we will have a series of educating, enriching, and experiential opportunities for us all to participate in. The two main programs will be an educational weeknight documentary series on Thursday evenings, and after Sunday Service programming to enrich and engage us.
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